Working with Vertic

At Vertic I had the opportunity work on some very complex Umbraco projects, which really raised the bar for what you can do and manage inside Umbraco.

I have helped Vertic with a number projects. The largest and most prominent projects was the e-learning platforms that they developed for Alinea. Alinea is owned by the publisher Egmont, which is the leading media group in the Nordic.

The e-learning platform is built on Umbraco. We used Umbraco to give the course manageres full control and the ability to customize every single assignment to the students. Umbraco was extended in a number of ways to make the work of the course managers as streamline and easy as possible. 

Everything was integrated to Alinea's other systems as well, providing single-sign-on and communication between teachers and students. 

See the three different e-learning platforms here:






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